Caleb Edwards

Caleb Edwards
Wichita Falls Texas 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 10 Racing Results

Saturday night provided some exciting mini sprint racing for the fans at Mid-America Speedway in South Coffeyville, OK.

Caleb started on the outside, 3rd row in his heat. He worked his way through the other cars and when the checkered flag fell Caleb had won his heat.

The track was dry, slick and smooth. It was real abrasive on the tires.

The #99 car started the feature race in the 6th position. It was an exciting race, with side-by-side and sometimes 3-wide racing. Caleb finished 2nd behind his brother.

July 3 Race Results

The races were rained out this week. We'll see what next week brings.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 26 Racing Results

The track was slick for the heat races Saturday night.

In the second heat of the night, Caleb started outside on the 3rd row. He finished the heat in 3rd place.

When the pills were drawn for the feature Caleb came up with the #2 position. The track had dried out by the time the feature race started. Caleb had dropped back to the 5th or 6th spot early in the race but by the time the checkered flag fell after 20 laps of racing he'd made his way back to the front and came home with his fourth win of the season.

Technical difficulties prevented the in-car camera from capturing the complete feature race.

June 19 Racing Results

The track was sloppy and Caleb started his heat on the 3rd row outside, finishing in the 3rd position. By the time the heat was completed, all of his tear-offs had been used up and it was difficult to see through his face shield.

Starting from the inside of the fourth row in the feature, Caleb made his way around the other mini-sprints and finished second (behind his brother).

No video was possible this week because of mud on the in-car camera lens .